“You don’t have to like me. That’s my job.”


“You don’t have to like me. That’s my job.” Byron Katie

The days and weeks following my miscarriage, I was looking for answers to “what was I going to do now?”. I was so focused on growing and preparing for a baby that was no longer there. If my mind wasn’t thinking about car seats and bassinets, what was going to fill the void?

As I was opening up to one of my closest girlfriends, Jessi recommended that I listen to this podcast called Bold New Mom. Up until this point, I had never listened to a podcast. For all I knew, it was a pre-installed app that came on my phone and it went untouched like a book on a shelf that collected dust. I quickly subscribed to the Bold New Mom podcast after our phone conversation, listened to an episode while wandering through the house picking up after another day and felt-in all my irrational and hormonal thoughts-understood.

I’ve always been obsessed with things like self-help books, Ted Talks and inspirational quotes. Self-help podcasts naturally began to fall into that category for me. It’s the idea of self love, of positive change, of personal growth. I used to hate group projects in school because I didn’t like the idea of relying on others only to find out that they failed to do their part and that I had to pick up the slack in order to prevent our group from receiving a failing grade. I think thats why, in large part, I love the idea of working on myself because I only have to rely on me as opposed to expecting others to change and being let down if they aren’t ready to change. If I want to change something about myself or my circumstance, I can do it. If my growth is somehow inspirational to others in their journey, then that’s just an added blessing.

The Bold New Mom podcast is by a lady named Jody Moore who is an LDS life coach. Although several of her podcasts talk about experiences that moms can more easily relate to, I find the material applicable to just about anyone and that’s why I recommend it to nearly everyone who is looking to grow on a personal and spiritual level (whatever your religious faith).

I love the quote at the beginning of this post: “You don’t have to like me. That’s my job.” Because really. Truly. If you are on a journey to self love, it isn’t about others loving you. It is about you loving you. I highly recommend listening to an episode or two of this podcast and finding what speaks to you. It was shared with me for a time when I needed it most, and I hope that I can in some way return the favor by sharing it with someone else. Love to you all.

XOXO Lauren


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