Favorite Frugal Finds


Consider this post titled: “when you find something so good that you have no choice but to share”. 🙂 Last year, Patrick’s parents bought a ranch that’s only a few hours away from our house. Because it’s so close, it’s been perfect for weekend getaways every now and then. The girls love it all: four-wheeling, fishing, riding on the pontoon boat. every. single. thing. I want it to be a sanctuary from the world for them and a sanctuary from my anxiousness to keep everything clean like.. their clothes. 😉

When we were preparing for our most recent trip to the ranch, I set out to find cheap clothes that they could keep separate from their school clothes. So I went to one of the cheapest stores I know–Walmart. 😉 Reagan is just now big enough for the smallest size in the big girls section. I don’t know if I should be excited for more clothing options or cry because she’s growing out of the baby & toddler section! I try not to think about it when there’s ice cream in the house… but what doesn’t make me cry is finding a good deal! I went to Walmart and was looking through the racks of big girl clothes when I found these super cute athletic shorts.


I knew they would be perfect for the hot summer months at the ranch. And, y’all, I bought all 4 of these for less than $20! You can find them here.

What deals did you score this week??

XOXO, Lauren

One thought on “Favorite Frugal Finds

  1. I love that sometimes Walmart has some good finds in their kids department. Some things are funky but sometimes they have great things that are classic or plain or traditional-looking. Some of my girls’ favorite dresses are from Wally’s and last winter I got Maddie the cutest black and white houndstooth dress coat there. She wore it twice because the winter was so mild but I bought it a little big so hopefully she can wear it next season. Great find!


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