Kids’ Valentines Day Books

Valentine’s Day is only EIGHT days away and we’ve been counting down with some of our favorite reads. I wanted to share a list of our favorites in case you’re on the hunt to add some of these cute books to your own library. Speaking of library, we found a few of our now favorites by first renting them from the library. So if your local library has an online reservation system, look some of these titles up and get them on hold soon! Or take our word for it and trust the other great Amazon reviews. ūüėČ

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1. Valensteins

2. Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch

3. Hedgehugs

4. Animally

5. Love from The Very Hungry Caterpillar

6. Llama Llama I Love You

7. Hug Machine

8. Love You Forever

9. Guess How Much I Love You

10. Love Is My Favorite Thing

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My girls are weeks away from turning 3 and 5 and all of these books fall perfectly within that age range, some even for older kiddos. Huggy Kissy is a great one for babies! Hope you enjoy some of these reads, and if you have a favorite that I haven’t listed, I’d love to hear about it!

XOXO Lauren

from dated to darling.

A month ago, a girlfriend and I planned a trip to Canton, Texas where vintage shopping is the only shopping! It is flea market heaven, y’all! We had talked about it back and forth for weeks knowing exactly what we wanted to leave with in hand (or in wagon, in this case—-when in doubt, bring the wagon!). Lists in our phones and decor dreams in our heads, we were determined.

I had two things on my list and these desks were number one! The first time we had walked by Reagan’s desk, we totally passed it up. The lady wanted a high number and wouldn’t budge! Courtney was my backbone as I tried to haggle with her. Nothing. It was mid-morning at that point and we knew we would be there for several hours, so we kept searching. We passed the tent later and found her husband sitting there. We gave him the same number and sold! Not sure if that’s how it works, but we paid him the money and high-tailed it out to find another for Peyton!

It took us what seemed like forever to find the first desk and after that, the second one practically fell into our laps. We were walking down a mile-long stretch of tables and there was Peyton’s little desk in plain sight. Hers had a lot more damage to the point where I was hesitant and almost concerned. I am a germaphobe, but I think most others would agree that it was gross. Lol! But there was Courtney again to reassure me and remind me of my goal! Desks for the girls! And that honestly is my biggest tip: always bring a friend that knows your goal and holds you to it! I have big buyer’s remorse to the point where I won’t buy something and then regret not getting it! Oy!

After our day of digging through dust, I was so excited to be going home with my two rusty, dented, and scratched little school desks. They were beautiful to me because I knew what they were going to turn into after some work. Patrick and I took the pressed wood desktop, wood seat and backing off of the chairs and had them sandblasted and powder coated. Patrick sanded the wood down, wood conditioned it (most important step before staining) and put new stain and polyurethane on to protect the original wood. After putting on new hardware, these babies were done! It took about a month from start to finish but good things take time, right?? The girls love the desks and use them for everything, like today when they just had to eat lunch on them. An investment well-spent. No buyer’s remorse here. ūüėČ


XOXO Lauren

A Magical Day for Rea and Pey

A Magical Day for Rea and Pey

A few weeks ago, I threw a joint birthday party for the girls’ second and fourth birthdays. It was their first joint party and I’m kicking myself for not doing it last year! They have the same friends and with their birthdays three weeks apart, it just made sense! The girls are really into My Little Pony right now, but I could.not. bring myself to buy character party supplies, you guys. Maybe a third or fourth child will break me! I thought a unicorn (a glorified pony, #amiright?) theme would be enough to win them over, and lucky for me it did!


I had these invitations in mind after seeing similar valentines for Valentine’s Day. The horns are made out of lollipops I found at Party City that were super cheap! I designed the invitations, printed them out, cut a hole for the lollipops and voila!

I wanted each little friend to have a place at the tables (24 kids!) that felt like their little space (among the madness!) complete with their party goodies.


Each place setting had a rock candy lollipop, a glitter-dipped cotton candy cone, a unicorn wand, a unicorn horn hat and a kid-sized water bottle.

I found the cute straws at Michaels¬†in their dollar section. They’re the thick plastic straws that you find at smoothie places. I’m obsessed! I tied them to the bottles with gold cord to keep them from getting lost on the table.


I found these little unicorns on Amazon but, naturally, they were some super bright funky neon colors so I had Patrick spray paint them gold along with some wooden dowels to create wands. He screwed a hole in the middle of each one to place the wooden dowels and I hot glued some ribbon on to make them a little more magical!



With so many littles running around, I came up with a few activities to keep them busy in between food and opening presents. And because unicorns are synonymous with rainbows and clouds and magic, I added those into the mix too! One of the activities was a fruit loop rainbow necklace: cheap, easy for kiddos to do by themselves, and they can eat it or wear it!

I also had a ton of crayons, markers and colored pencils out to color on all of the tables. I had laid craft paper down on every table (even the ones with their party goodies) so they could color anywhere!

…And the store-bought cupcakes. Totally not the plan, but hey! Something’s gotta give, right?? They turned out super cute and yummy and saved me some time so it really worked out in the end! I had the cute cloud toppers leftover from a friend’s “baby sprinkle” (shower). I wanted something on the girls’ cakes/cupcakes that looked like a unicorn horn and the ice cream cone was perfect.


My girlfriend, Courtney, and I were talking about my party plans a few weeks before the party and she threw out the idea to give the girls mini-makeovers complete with hair and makeup! I was in love!! Courtney is a Younique presenter and used her gorgeous palettes to give the girls some magical looks! Allllll the heart eyes! Reagan felt so spoiled getting her makeup done!

And do you spy the cotton candy in Reagan’s fist?? We totally rented a cotton candy machine because unicorns eat clouds, right?! It was so fun, and the kids loved it!

I¬†found some super easy hair chalk at Sally’s Beauty Supply and some glitter spray at Party City. It was so fun and super quick!! My sweet husband did a lot of the kiddos’ hair while I ran around chatting with mommas and snapping pics!


It was so much fun doing a joint party for the girls this year. I feel like it turned out even better than past parties because I had to make¬†THIS¬†the party of the year for them (literally!). Parties are my love language and I sure do love these babies a whole lot!! Every time we’ve talked about their¬†party since, Reagan¬†always says it was the “BEST.PARTY.EVER”. I’ll take it, babe! Happy Birthday to my Rea and Pey! I love you! XOXO