2019 Valentine’s Day Printables

Did I really just write 2019????? I can’t believe it’s 2019!!! When I would go back to school after Christmas break, it always took me a few days (or months…okay, AT LEAST half of the year) to remember to write down the NEW year on my papers. Anyone else? Anyways… you’re not here for a story. You’re here for FREE printables! So here ya go!

“You Quack Me Up” Valentine


Supplies needed:

  • free printable
  • duck bath toy
  • hold punch
  • ribbon or string

Click here for “You Quack Me Up (Red)” Valentine

Click here for “You Quack Me Up (Pink)” Valentine

“You Blow Me Away” Valentine


Supplies needed:

  • free printable
  • bubble wands
  • hole punch
  • ribbon or yarn

Click here for “You Blow Me Away” Valentine

“You Are A’dough’able (Blue)” Valentine


Supplies needed:

  • free printable
  • play dough
  • cellophane bag
  • stapler
  • crinkle paper (optional)

Click here for “You Are A’dough’able (Blue)” Valentine

Click here for “You Are A’dough’able (Red)” Valentine

Click here for “You Are A’dough’able (Yellow)” Valentine

Free “Boo” Tag Printable

#extra #basic However you want to say it, this post has “extra” and “basic” written all over it. You’ve been warned.

Reagan (aka me) is in charge of snacks for cheer this Saturday. And because it’s October, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make these cute snack bags Halloween-themed! I decorated the bags while she was at school, and after school she got to come home and stuff them with goodies! She was in heaven! If I’ve passed down anything to my girl, it’s her love of all things party and celebration!


I picked up all of the supplies from Hobby Lobby (kraft bags, cardstock, ribbon). The kraft bags come in a pack of 5 and are on the aisle with the tissue paper and other party/treat bags. For the ribbon, I wanted a few contrasting colors and thought the “Go Team!” ribbon was pretty fitting! I also wanted contrasting cardstock so I grabbed a few sheets of plain orange and a few sheets of this fun black and white spotted print. Near the end of this post, you’ll find my free printable for the “Boo” tags! I used my cricut to cut out all of the rectangles.

Orange: 3.5″ x 2.5″

Black and white: 3.25″ x 2.25″

Boo tag: 3″ x 2″

I used a glue stick to attach all of the cardstock layers together. But I had to use my hot glue gun to actually get them to stick to the kraft bag.


Reagan’s coach asks that the cheer snacks be on the more “healthy” side, so I posted what Halloween-themed snacks I found below (all from Target): veggie chips in fun Halloween ghost and bat shapes, organic “spooky shapes” fruit snacks (no synthetic colors and naturally flavored), and organic kiwi strawberry juice with a cute monster on the front.



Get your Free Printable “Boo” Tags here!

I’d love to see pics of your cute ideas if you have a chance to use the tags! Happy Halloween, friends!





Capsule Wardrobe For Baby


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17.
We are down to less than THREE weeks!! Call me crazy for attempting a capsule wardrobe for this little babe, but I couldn’t help myself! I’ve been very intentional with the rest of our wardrobes this year, so it only made sense to do the same with hers. Sure, it might mean a few more laundry cycles. But that’s why I have a washer/dryer in my house, #amIright? I also hate the idea of her only wearing an outfit once or twice only to grow out of it because we have too many clothes! It happened with my other two girls, and I learned my lesson! So here’s to getting more use out of our clothes by mixin’ and matchin’! The other thing I had to keep in mind with her wardrobe is that we live in Texas… where it’s either 40 or 90 in the winter. Bless us. So I wanted to incorporate a lot of pieces that can layer (short romper, long romper, cardigan, etc.) Mother Nature ain’t got nothin’ on my layering skills. I hope this is helpful for you capsule wardrobe lovin’ friends! I’ve linked each piece out of the goodness of my heart. Kidding. But seriously. The links are above. Hope this helps, and Happy Tuesday, friends!



Favorite Lemonade Stand Recipes

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It’s mom confession time. Every time my girls have asked to do a lemonade stand, I cringe on the inside. Probably on the outside too because I’m not good at faking my emotions and my face usually says it all! The thought of (me) getting everything set up including the stand itself, supplies, making the lemonade, baking the cookies, making the signs, and earning maybe $5.00 just doesn’t sound like my kind of relaxing afternoon! However… Pinterest to save my children’s childhood… As I was searching for summer activities that we could do together, I found the idea of a “lemonade stand for a cause”. I loved thinking of the ways my kids could spend their money on someone else other than themselves.. because heaven knows they already have enough toys. Amiright??

We’re planning on doing our lemonade stand sometime next week, and the girls are thrilled about it! I wanted to share my favorite lemonade and cookie recipes with you a) if you are considering doing something similar with your kiddos and b) because everyone can use more lemonade and cookie recipes. YUM.

Lemonade recipe

Note: the recipe calls for 2 to 3 cups of water to dilute it. I typically use more like 4 to 5 cups… maybe even six… to dilute it!

Chocolate chip cookie recipe

Note: this recipe is called TRIED AND TRUE chocolate chip cookies because they.are.just.that! I’ve tried other chocolate chip cookie recipes, and I always come back to this one.

I hope y’all enjoy the recipes!

XOXO Lauren