Favorite Fall Soups

Fall temps are finally here, and our favorite soups are on repeat! Today, I’m sharing two of my tried and true recipes that I’ve found and a way to kick your soup nights up a notch for $2!


Creamy Zuppa Toscana Soup Yes! You read the title right! This is the closest copycat recipe I’ve tried to the wildly popular and delicious Olive Garden soup! And if I’m being honest, Tastes Better From Scratch is one of my favorite food blogs PERIOD.

Creamy Chicken and Wild Rice Soup The soup that started it all. This was the very first soup I made as a newlywed, and it was worthy enough to make it to my recipe book- but don’t let that scare you. Let that relieve you. Because anything that gets added to my recipe book means it’s FAIL PROOF. HAHA!!

And wanna hear that tip that’ll kick your soup night up a notch?? Panera bread bowls! Make a big pot of soup at home, and hit the Panera drive-thru for their $2 baked bread bowls. Our family loves it! $8 for the family is frugal in comparison to all of us going out to eat. Am I right?

Stay warm, friends! Happy Fall, y’all!

XOXO Lauren

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