How to Preserve Pumpkins


I do this trick EVERY YEAR when we bring our pumpkins home and they last well through Thanksgiving until I’m ready to throw them away! Maybe even through Christmas… don’t ask me how I know that.. I first found this idea on @missyrakes’s blog: Graceful Little Honey Bee. All credit to her! It’ll save those little (or big!) beauties!

“How to Preserve Pumpkins for Décor or Storage

1. Fill your sink with water and add 1 tbsp dish soap per gallon.

(You may also add 1 tbsp bleach per gallon of water if desired)

2. Let pumpkins soak 5 minutes. This kills any bacteria on the surface of the pumpkin that can lead to early rot.

3. Gently remove any visible dirt with your hands or a soft scrub brush.

4. Rinse pumpkins and dry thoroughly. Moisture is not your pumpkin’s friend.

*If you are using your pumpkins for decorating purposes then you are finished!*”

Thank you, Missy!!

EDITED TO ADD: I had also read somewhere to put petroleum jelly (Vaseline) on them. So after they’re done drying, I rub it on. Swear by it!


Happy Fall, y’all!



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