Halloween Book Wall

We’ve finally finished curating our Halloween book wall for this year! If you’ve been following my Instagram stories @SayingItSouthern, you’ve seen that we’ve been budgeting a book a week to spread out the cost! We plan to add a book or two each year, but this was great to get our collection started.


All of our book recommendations either came from wildly popular reviews on Amazon or rave reviews from friends!


To decorate the shelves, I created a simple paper banner that cost no more than $4. FOUR DOLLARS! I went to Hobby Lobby and, in their scrapbooking section, picked up a few pieces of black/white/orange scrapbook paper. I cut them into strips and then cut out a pennant flag at the bottom to give it some character. And voila! Strung them on some twine and they were done!


Here are the books that we chose:

1. The Ugly Pumpkin

2. Pick a Pumpkin

3. Big Pumpkin


4. Bone Soup

5. How To Make Friends With A Ghost

6. Bonaparte


7. Room on the Broom

8. The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything

9. Stumpkin


I hope that gives you an idea of some frightening and festive kids books to start or add to your own collection! I’d love to hear any other recommendations to add to ours for next year!



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