Kids Bathroom Moodboard

If you follow my Instagram stories (@sayingitsouthern) which I highly suggest you do (wink wink), you would know that my husband and I are re-doing our girls’ bathroom! Our house is about 13 year olds, and we knew when we moved in two years ago that we would eventually re-do things like the flooring and tile backsplashes that are terribly outdated. I’m so excited to finally put to paper (or photoshop) all of the ideas and plans that we have for the girls’ bathroom. It’s been such a big learning curve for us in the world of DIY and definitely one that I am grateful for. I will also add that you’re not seeing double with the images below! I posted both to show the contrast with the mirrors and to get your thoughts.bathroommoodboardrattan


Flooring: the flooring has been the easiest decision thus far. We went with this porcelain tile that looks like calacatta marble. I am a neutrals girl through and through so the simple and classic white and gray just made sense.

Board and batten: we just finished doing a board and batten wall in my daughter’s nursery (more on that in a future post!) and I fell in love! I want to board and batten the whole house! I’ve typically seen board and batten painted white with a contrasting wall color. But I feel like it is becoming more and more common to paint the board and batten a contrasting color against a white wall. I’m here for this trend! We painted our daughter’s board and batten pink against a white wall, and it is so dreamy! For the bathroom, I want to do a taupe color.

Vanity: the original vanity sat on the ground. But because we are re-doing the flooring as well, I felt like I had the freedom to do a floating vanity so I’m running with it! Our girls are still little and are in constant need of a stool, so I envisioned the floating vanity storing a stool underneath when guests or adults are occupying it and see no need for it. It’ll just slide right under!

Faucet: I feel like black is very on trend, especially with the midcentury modern and moody vibes I’m seeing. But the timelessness and class of brass (get it? I’m so funny…) will always have my heart. I want a light and airy vibe in the bathroom, so a light metal was a natural fit.

Mirror: this is where I need some help! A trend that I haven’t fully embraced is the idea of mixing metals: i.e. gold faucet, silver light fixture. Because the light fixture and faucet will be gold, I don’t necessarily want a gold mirror. That just feels like too much. But I’m not sure what looks better. In the moodboards (above) I’ve done both black and rattan. What’s your vote?

Light fixture: as with the faucet, a gold/brass light fixture was my first choice. I want the room to feel airy, light, classic and chic. Because the vanity is so dark and masculine with the wood tones, everything else needed to be pretty light to give a more feminine vibe overall.

Bathtub: we are actually keeping the original bathtub and just having it resurfaced. My girls are still very little, so a standalone shower doesn’t make sense. A combination works great for our little ones and any guests.

Shower tile: if I’m being completely honest, I keep going back and forth on this taupe hexagon mosaic tile. So I’m not even certain that it will be this tile when we are done. But I do want some taupe-y neutral to coordinate with the color on the board and batten. I’m not sure where my love of taupe is coming from lately, but I’m a big fan!

Wall art: I purchased the wall art from a small business that is actually no longer selling it, so I’m glad I grabbed it when I did! It came as unfinished wood so I am going to paint it black. I thought it would be a cute reminder for my girls of what they need to do. More cute sign, less mom nagging! Wink!

And there it is! Our moodboard and vision for the bathroom! If you have some thoughts on which mirror to go with (or maybe a completely different one altogether!) I’d love to hear it!




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