Favorite Lemonade Stand Recipes

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It’s mom confession time. Every time my girls have asked to do a lemonade stand, I cringe on the inside. Probably on the outside too because I’m not good at faking my emotions and my face usually says it all! The thought of (me) getting everything set up including the stand itself, supplies, making the lemonade, baking the cookies, making the signs, and earning maybe $5.00 just doesn’t sound like my kind of relaxing afternoon! However… Pinterest to save my children’s childhood… As I was searching for summer activities that we could do together, I found the idea of a “lemonade stand for a cause”. I loved thinking of the ways my kids could spend their money on someone else other than themselves.. because heaven knows they already have enough toys. Amiright??

We’re planning on doing our lemonade stand sometime next week, and the girls are thrilled about it! I wanted to share my favorite lemonade and cookie recipes with you a) if you are considering doing something similar with your kiddos and b) because everyone can use more lemonade and cookie recipes. YUM.

Lemonade recipe

Note: the recipe calls for 2 to 3 cups of water to dilute it. I typically use more like 4 to 5 cups… maybe even six… to dilute it!

Chocolate chip cookie recipe

Note: this recipe is called TRIED AND TRUE chocolate chip cookies because they.are.just.that! I’ve tried other chocolate chip cookie recipes, and I always come back to this one.

I hope y’all enjoy the recipes!

XOXO Lauren

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