from dated to darling.

A month ago, a girlfriend and I planned a trip to Canton, Texas where vintage shopping is the only shopping! It is flea market heaven, y’all! We had talked about it back and forth for weeks knowing exactly what we wanted to leave with in hand (or in wagon, in this case—-when in doubt, bring the wagon!). Lists in our phones and decor dreams in our heads, we were determined.

I had two things on my list and these desks were number one! The first time we had walked by Reagan’s desk, we totally passed it up. The lady wanted a high number and wouldn’t budge! Courtney was my backbone as I tried to haggle with her. Nothing. It was mid-morning at that point and we knew we would be there for several hours, so we kept searching. We passed the tent later and found her husband sitting there. We gave him the same number and sold! Not sure if that’s how it works, but we paid him the money and high-tailed it out to find another for Peyton!

It took us what seemed like forever to find the first desk and after that, the second one practically fell into our laps. We were walking down a mile-long stretch of tables and there was Peyton’s little desk in plain sight. Hers had a lot more damage to the point where I was hesitant and almost concerned. I am a germaphobe, but I think most others would agree that it was gross. Lol! But there was Courtney again to reassure me and remind me of my goal! Desks for the girls! And that honestly is my biggest tip: always bring a friend that knows your goal and holds you to it! I have big buyer’s remorse to the point where I won’t buy something and then regret not getting it! Oy!

After our day of digging through dust, I was so excited to be going home with my two rusty, dented, and scratched little school desks. They were beautiful to me because I knew what they were going to turn into after some work. Patrick and I took the pressed wood desktop, wood seat and backing off of the chairs and had them sandblasted and powder coated. Patrick sanded the wood down, wood conditioned it (most important step before staining) and put new stain and polyurethane on to protect the original wood. After putting on new hardware, these babies were done! It took about a month from start to finish but good things take time, right?? The girls love the desks and use them for everything, like today when they just had to eat lunch on them. An investment well-spent. No buyer’s remorse here. 😉


XOXO Lauren

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